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Corsair Vengeance K90 Mechanical Keyboard & M90 Gaming Mouse Review

A first glance on the Vengeance K90 would lead most people to believe that this is just an oversized K60. Although this assumption is not entirely inaccurate, there is much about the K90 which cannot be discerned with a single glance at it. Most of the chassis of the K90 is solid aluminum, with the exception of the black plastic expansion housing the Macro keys. The logo of the company is engraved at the middle top part of the chassis, while the USB cable is hardwired on the keyboard. This keyboard requires two USB ports for all of its features to function properly, just like the K60.

The keys of the Vengeance K90 are not embedded inside the aluminum chassis but rather “float” over it. This design grants the users of the K90 keyboard a grant advantage when it comes to cleaning, since it is now extremely easily to keep the area beneath the keys perfectly clean by using cans of compressed air or even by simply blowing debris away.

Multimedia controls can be accessed through the top right side of the keyboard. Four keys control media navigation (Play/Pause, Stop, Forward and Back) while a fifth key above them serves as the mute button. A metallic wheel next to the mute key controls the volume levels. Corsair also implemented a small round key which allows the users to render the Windows keys inactive. The button next to the Windows key lock button controls the keyboard’s backlight.

One of the biggest complaints about the Vengeance K60 keyboard is that it did not have a single Macro key. This is no longer the case with the K90, as Corsair decided to remedy that problem by installing an armada of 18 Macro keys. We cannot help but wonder who will be programming them all and still be able to utilize such a number of keys in-play.

Four small round buttons can also be found at the top left side of the keyboard. The MR button initiates the Macro recording mode. Keys M1 to M3 allow the quick switching between three Macro profiles; just in case that 18 Macro keys are not enough for you in the first place!


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