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Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Keyboard & M60 Gaming Mouse Review

Multimedia controls can be accessed through the top right side of the keyboard. Four keys control media navigation (Play/Pause, Stop, Forward and Back) while a fifth key above them serves as the mute button. A metallic wheel next to the mute key controls the volume levels. Finally, Corsair implemented a small round key which allows the users to render the Windows keys inactive.

The three small indicator LEDs can be found between the multimedia controls and the Windows key lock button. Corsair went with discreet white LEDs, fitting the futuristic theme of the keyboard.

Corsair also installed a standard USB 2.0 port at the right back side of the K60. The port may be used to connect a gaming mouse or any other USB device.

The plastic rear of the keyboard is not uninteresting as well, with Corsair having installed four height adjustment legs instead of only two. This way users may lift the front part of the motherboard as well as the back, adjusting the tilt to the setting they find it to be the most comfortable for long gaming hours.

The large wrist rest may only be installed at the left side of the motherboard, which will disappoint (the vast minority of) gamers who are not using the WASD keys. Corsair implemented corona treatment on the plastic wrist rest, giving it a “rubberized” feeling and making its surface soft and comfortable.

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