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Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Keyboard & M60 Gaming Mouse Review

From the very first look at the K60 keyboard we realized that this was not “just another” keyboard. The K60 features a brushed aluminum chassis combined with standard size black keycaps. The logo of the company is engraved at the middle top part of the chassis, while the USB cable is hardwired on the keyboard. It is interesting to note that this keyboard requires two USB ports for all of its features to function properly.

Unlike any keyboard we have seen before, the keys are not embedded inside the aluminum chassis but rather “float” over it. This design grants the users of the K60 keyboard a grant advantage when it comes to cleaning, since it is now extremely easily to keep the area beneath the keys perfectly clean by using cans of compressed air or even by simply blowing debris away. It is also interesting to note that not all of the keys of the K60 keyboard are mechanical; the ESC key, the F keys and the page navigation keys are old-fashion rubber dome keys.

As for their mechanical keys of choice, Corsair went with the Cherry MX Red keys only. You will not find the Vengeance K60 keyboard supplied with any other mechanical keys on board; at least for the time being. The Cherry MX Red keys are considered (arguably) to be the best keys for gaming, requiring little and linear actuation force.

Above you may see how the K60 looks like with the 10 special sculpted keys installed. The keycaps of the red keys not only offer a different, textured feeling but they are oblique instead of flat. The W, A and D keys are facing towards the center, flat S key, the 1 key is tilted slightly to the right and the 6 key slightly to the left.

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