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Corsair TX750M PSU Review

The cooling of the Corsair TX750M if taken care of by a 140mm fan which is commonly found inside the TX series units. The fan is made by Yate Loon, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, and it is a ball bearing fan with a maximum rotational speed of 2800RPM. A thin plastic sheet is covering about 20% of the fan's surface, which Corsair probably installed in an attempt to direct the airflow in a more efficient way.

Despite that the TX V2 series unit which we reviewed about 6 months ago was based on a Seasonic design, the TX750M isn’t; Corsair entrusted a design from CWT (Channel Well) once again, a company which made most of Corsair’s older units.

The filtering stage is adequate, although not special. Starting at the back of the A/C receptacle and continuing on the PCB. It totally consists of four Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, two coils and a surge suppressing MOV.

The primary capacitor of the power supply is supplied by Panasonic and is rated at 400V/470μF at 105°C. Nippon Chemi-Con supplies the secondary side capacitors.

The heatsinks of the TX750M as so small that we are not even sure we can call them that. They are nothing more than solid metallic bars with little heat dissipation surface and no fins at all. It looks like Corsair is putting a lot of faith on this unit’s design and high efficiency; either that or counts on the very powerful cooling fan.

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