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Corsair TWINX2048-3500LL PRO 2GB Memory Review

The TWINX2048-3500LL PRO memory comes in a transparent plastic blister packing.
There is a colourful paper insert inside extolling the memory’s values
on both the front and back, typical of high-end memory modules.

Beyond the cosmetics though, I felt that the packaging was somewhat
flimsy, as the plastic was somewhat soft, resulting in several dents in the
packaging. Though the memory was undamaged, the strength of the packaging could
be improved.


The memory has a large black heatspreader-cum-LED unit attached to it. While
heatspreaders are not really necessary for today’s memory, they do make
an otherwise plain-looking stick of memory more aesthetically pleasing.

Both sides of each module have a large sticker affixed onto it. One side displays
the more technical details of the memory, including its model number, size,
serial number, and rated clock speed and timings.


This pair is rated to run at 2-3-2-6 timings at up to 219Mhz
(438Mhz effective). Nice tight timings for those who crave the low latency memory,
and it even comes with a mild guaranteed overclock.


There really isn’t much to say about the installation of memory modules,
but this particular pair warrants a section of its own due to its larger-than-normal

Compared to a standard no-frills memory module, the TWINX2048-3500LL
PRO is obviously much taller. While this would not pose a problem when using
the stock heatsink, those who are using 3rd party heatsinks on their CPU, especially
large ones, might want to check to see if the heatsink has clearance for the
extra height of this particular line of XMS PRO memory from Corsair.

A normal stick of memory next to the “tall” Corsair

Personally, we encountered problems installing these modules on a DFI LAN Party
UT nF4 Ultra-D with a Thermalright XP-90 CPU cooler. The portion of the XP-90
overhanging above the memory slots collided with the Corsair memory modules
due to their extra height, forcing us to stick to the stock cooler for this
review. Personally, if Corsair can incorporate easy detachment of the tall heat-spreaders
in their future incarnations, it would solve this problem some users may face.

The issue of height aside, this pair of modules do look great,
especially in the dark. The Christmas tree of LEDs is guaranteed to spice up
your case decoration, but that’s provided your case has a transparent side panel
for the viewing pleasure.


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