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Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ TCCD Memory Shootout

Kingston’s KHX3200UL memory is next in our roundup, and came to market at almost exatly the same time as OCZ’s PC3200 Platinum Revision 2 memory. Many of you may remember that Kingston is a relatively new player in the high end memory markets, with the HyperX line still under two years old. However, Kingston has made a name for itself within the HyperX’s short time at market, becoming one of the enthusiast memory segment’s leading players.

Above is a picture of the KHX3200UL module. Like most memory targeted at the enthusiast segment, the KHX3200UL has an aluminum heatspreader that covers the actual Samsung TCCD memory chips. The price of Kingston’s KHX3200UL memory is in tune wit the other kits mentioned today, running around $ 255 at most online retailers.

And here we we have another picture of the two KHX3200UL modules that came in the kit pictured above.

And finally here we can see the SPD Timings table of the KHX3200UL modules, running 2-2-2-5 latencies at 200MHz like all the other memory tested today.

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