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Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ TCCD Memory Shootout

The first CL2 PC3200 memory product we’ll be looking at today is the first product that hit the market based on Samsung’s TCCD chips, Corsair’s CMS512-3200XL Pro memory. As you may know, a few months ago Corsair released a new product line within the XMS brand called the Pro Series. The Pro Series features multi-colored LED’s that light up in conjunction with memory usage. From our experience comparing Corsair’s Pro XMS series to their standard XMS counterparts, we can say that the memory is nearly identical in both performance and overclockability. However, there is a price difference of about $ 25 between the two.

And so here we see a stick of Corsair’s 3200XL Pro memory. It’s important to note that because of the larger heatspreader on the Pro series, these sticks will most likely not fit into your SFF barebone system. With that said, the Pro series wasn’t designed for SFF enthusiasts but rather for users that have case windows and wanted to show off their new memory.

The CMX512-3200XL Pro 1GB Dual-Channel kit is available for around $ 275 at various online retailers, with the standard (non-LED) 3200XL memory priced at around $ 255 at most online stores.

Here we can see CPU-Z’s memory SPD table. As I mentioned earlier in the article, memory based on Samsung’s TCCD chips runs at 2-2-2-5 latencies.


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