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Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ TCCD Memory Shootout

Today we have a review of three different Samsung TCCD based memory modules from Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ. Running 2-2-2-5 latencies at DDR 400, are all three of these memory modules made equal? Come and see for yourself.


The DDR memory market is one of the most interesting and volatile in all of the computer industry. Prices often swing to absurdly high levels one week and drop down to new lows the next, all based on the laws of supply and demand. A small, but growing segment of the memory market is made up of the enthusiast space, the memory that can be overclocked and tweaked for maximum performance; and the memory that you, the readers of VR-Zone are most interested in. Since DDR memory is already over four years in the mainstream, there have been a select number of enthusiast friendly memory chips that have come and gone in the market, most notable and most recent being Winbond’s BH5 chips. Capable of running at 2-2-2 latencies at DDR 400, Winbond BH5’s were used in almost every enthusiast branded memory we came in contact with, until of course Winbond decided to leave the memory industry.

This left a huge void in the enthusiast markets, and the enthusiast memory manufacturers were only able to come out with 2-3-2 DDR 400 modules in the wake of Winbond’s exit. That is, until recently. A few months ago Samsung announced a new line of TCCD chips, memory that is capable at running 2-2-2 latencies at DDR 400 while reaching DDR 500 at more relaxed settings. First to market with these new TCCD chips came Corsair, releasing their PC-3200XL memory in both Pro (LED) and non-pro variations. Soon after came companies like OCZ and Kingston , both with their own TCCD variations. Today we’ll be taking a look at three Samsung TCCD memory modules from Corsair, Kingston , and OCZ. All slated to run 2-2-2 latencies at DDR 400, is all memory truly made equal? Come and take a closer look…

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