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Corsair HX850 PSU Review

Corsair's HX850 is definitely no small power supply, built inside the same 20cm long chassis the company has been using for their most powerful units, including the latest AX1200i. The depth of the HX850 is not excessive, considering that it will most likely be installed inside a good gaming/enthusiast grade case. Installing the HX850 inside tight systems and HTPC cases could pose a problem though. Corsair sprayed the chassis with the matte black paint, the same high quality paint which is being used for each and every of their high quality units.

As usually, the sides of the Corsair HX850 have been covered by decorative stickers, which have been placed between two embossed lines formed on the chassis. The stickers feature the company and series logo, as well as the wattage of the model, all in the black/blue theme of the series.

We found the sticker with the electrical specifications of the HX850 on the top side of the chassis, covering about half of the unit's top side surface.

The rear side of the HX850 has been entirely perforated, allowing the warm air generated by the operation of the power supply to escape towards the rear side of the case. Besides the small on/off switch and the typical A/C power plug, Corsair also placed a small sticker with the unit's logo on the rear side of the power supply.

Ten connectors for the modular cables can be found at the front side of the unit, four blue connectors for the PCIe and CPU power cables and six black connectors for the the SATA and Molex power cables. As we mentioned in the previous page, the four blue connectors allow the use of either two 4+4 CPU 12V cables and five 6+2 PCIe cables or one 4+4 CPU 12V cable and six 6+2 PCIe cables.

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