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Corsair Carbide Air 540 Case Review

Rear 140mm fan.
Rear 140mm fan.

Another Corsair AF140L fan can be found at the rear of the case, serving as an exhaust. As the stock configuration has double the intake than exhaust airflow, it creates positive pressure and the air will escape through the numerous vents.

2.5" drives modular cage.
2.5″ drives modular cage.

A plastic modular cage for four 2.5” devices can be found at the right half of the case, allowing the installation of up to four SSDs or 2.5” HDDs.

5.25" drives cage.
5.25″ drives cage.

The 5.25” devices may be installed without tools, as a plastic locking mechanism holds the drives in place.

Installed dummy system.
Installed dummy system.

Our ICTT system fit inside the Carbide Air 540 with excessive ease, leaving plenty of room towards every direction. Even the longest of motherboards will only reach up to the first line of holes and the longest of GFX cards will fit without problems. There is plenty of room to install a water cooling radiator at the top of the case as well. It should be noted that the motherboard tray hole for the installation of CPU coolers is so large that any motherboard shorter than a full ATX will look slightly weird. Due to the design of the case, the cables are supposed to be instantly routed to the right compartment, leaving the left half, which holds the main system, as clean as possible.

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