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Corsair Carbide 200R Case Review

Unlike most budget cases, the all-black interior of the Carbide 200R is far more spacious than a common ATX case and clearly designed in order to house high-end equipment. The motherboard tray is wider than normal, allowing the easy installation of E-ATX motherboards. The motherboard tray forms a very large opening behind the CPU, allowing the installation of large CPU coolers without the need to remove the motherboard from the case. There are large openings around the motherboard tray, unfortunately however Corsair did not use any rubber grommets in order to keep the cost down; besides, the 200R does not come with a windowed side panel. The area in front of the first expansion slots is also left unblocked up to the very front of the case, allowing the installation of very, VERY long GFX cards.

The HDD cage of the Carbide 200R is not removable and it is made out of thick plastic instead of metal, which is original. Another original approach is that the cage provides room for up to four 3.5" drives and another four 2.5" drives. The installation of the drives is tool-less but there are also screw holes for those in need of extra protection.

Although Corsair did install a front intake fan, the position of the fan is very peculiar. The fan has been placed above the HDD cage, not providing any cooling to the drives and thrusting its airflow directly to the middle of the system.

As it can be seen from the picture above, there are no dust filters installed for the front intake fan. However, the user is able to install a second 120mm intake fan right where the HDD tray is.

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