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Corsair Carbide 200R Case Review

On the right side panel of the Carbide 200R we found two honeycomb mesh openings for 120mm or 140mm fans. Corsair has also installed rubber grommets in the fan holes, serving as a basic but very functional decoupling mechanism. The area around the fans is slightly embossed but that is hardly visible with the naked eye, let alone a functional improvement. Thankfully, the case is wide enough so the fans will fit without being hindered from other hardware, with the exception of very tall CPU coolers.

The top panel of the Carbide 200R also is perforated in a way similar to that of the side panel, although this time the honeycomb mesh expands a little further than just the area of the fans. The top panel is clearly designed so as to be able to hold up to double watercooling radiators.

Much like the rest of the case, the rear of the Carbide 200R is entirely black. We can see the opening for the 120mm exhaust fan and that the PSU compartment lies to the bottom of the case. It is noteworthy to mention that there are no watercooling hose holes; the Carbide 200R is designed to either hold a watercooling kit inside it or not at all.

Four short rubber feet keep the Carbide 200R less than 1cm from the ground. A filter has been placed beneath the PSU intake vent, removable from the back side of the case. The opening for an extra 120/140mm intake fan is also visible but that fan is optional.

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