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Corsair Carbide 200R Case Review

The little big case; this could summarize what Corsair is hoping to accomplish with the release of the Carbide 200R. Although it is a product meant to be Corsair's entry ticket into the low-end segment of the market, the company still designed it with enthusiasts in mind, as the Carbide 200R is clearly much wider and deeper than any generic case. The case is a little over 6kg heavy, an average figure for small steel cases but logical considering the 50cm length of the chassis.

Many of Corsair's designs are simplistic and serious but that of the Carbide 200R is as plain as it could be. The plastic faceplate is entirely plain, with only the company's logo to be found near its bottom. Although enthusiasts do not appreciate all-plastic faceplates, voicing both aesthetic and quality concerns, the faceplate of the 200R may be too plain but also is very thick and durable.

The front I/O ports of the Carbide 200R can be found uncovered at the top end of the faceplate. Corsair went with two USB 3.0 ports, the standard headphone jacks and the typical reset – power on buttons. The power button is rather small, with a very strong white LED behind it.

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