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Corsair AX760 Power Supply Review

In order to provide you with the most professional and accurate reviews, we are using the following equipment to test the performance of power supplies:

  • Modified SECC steel case with thermal generation and control components installed
  • 8 Vantek electronic loads, USB controlled
  • Extech 380803 TrueRMS Power Analyzer
  • USB Instruments Stingray Oscilloscope
  • SL-5868P digital sound level meter
  • CompuLAB interface
  • MyPClab thermal interface
  • Labjack U3-HV interface
  • Custom calibration box
  • Custom software

More information about our testing equipment and methodology can be found in this article.


Deep inside, we believed that the electrical performance of the AX760 would not be able to match the amazing numbers which we received while testing its Flextronics-made digital counterpart. However, not only it managed to deliver great electrical performance, but it can easily compare to its digital counterpart which we reviewed a few months back. The voltage regulation is below 1% at all times and down to a mere 0.6% on the 12V line, while the maximum recorded voltage ripple was just 24mV under maximum load.

The efficiency of the AX760 is just as amazing as its electrical performance. The unit managed to reach a maximum efficiency of 94.3%, while the minimum was 92.2% at maximum load. Although that the efficiency drops if the voltage source is switched to 110VAC, the AX760 still maintains an efficiency of over 91.4% at all times and a maximum efficiency of 93.2%. These figures easily comply with the 80Plus Platinum certification of the AX760, regardless of the input voltage.

In hybrid mode, the cooling fan of the AX760 did not start before the load reached 30% of the unit's output capacity, despite that the unit was operating inside our hotbox. Once it starts, the fan is barely audible from a few centimeters away. The speed of the fan gradually increases, almost linearly with the load, displaying an excellent cooling behavior. At 70% load and above, the fan is audible from a distance of 1m, but the sound volume does not ever reach annoying levels.

As the fan of the AX760 would not start rotating beneath 30% load, we ignored all of the (inaccurate) measurements before that point. Despite the relatively slow-moving cooling fan, the operating temperatures of the AX760 are very low, with a temperature differential of only a few Celsius even at maximum load, displaying what such an efficient power supply can do.

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