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Corsair AX760 Power Supply Review

Even though the AX760 strongly resembles the AX860i which we have reviewed a couple of months ago, there are a few but distinct visual differences. The chassis is still based on the standard ATX 160mm long steel body and is sprayed with the same matte black paint. However, the ribbed bottom of the power supply is now smooth, the fan guard has been replaced with a standard black one and the hex screws have been replaced with standard cross-head alternatives.

As with all of Corsair's power supplies, the sides of the unit are being decorated with stickers placed in a slightly embossed area of the chassis. The stickers are glossy black and feature only the company and model logos. An embossed line is being formed across the top and the bottom of the sticker, another visual difference over the AX760i unit which has two lines on each side of the sticker.

We found the sticker with the electrical specifications of the AX760 on the top side of the chassis, covering about half of the unit's top side surface. This sticker will only be visible if the power supply is placed towards the bottom of a tower case and with its fan facing down.

As it is usually the case with all high performance power supplies these days, the rear side of the AX760 is entirely perforated, allowing warm air to escape towards the rear side of the case. Besides the standard on/off switch and the typical A/C power plug, Corsair also placed a small sticker with the unit's logo on the rear side of the power supply.

Thirteen connectors dominate the front side of the fully modular AX760. The PCIe and CPU cables share the same plugs, as are the Molex and SATA cables, while the 24-pin ATX cable is split between two smaller connectors. There is also a small switch, allowing the user to choose between a "hybrid" or "normal" fan mode. In hybrid mode, the cooling fan will rotate more slowly, even stop completely while the power supply is lightly loaded and the temperatures are low enough; in other words, it essentially is a quieter mode than the standard always-on cooling profile of the OEM.

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