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Corsair AX650 PSU review

Corsair entrusted the cooling of their AX750 unit to be taken care of by a 140mm fan made by Sanyo Denki. The model of the fan is 9S1212F404, has a ball bearing and a maximum rotational speed of 2200RPM. The fan has no PWM control but the PSU does control its speed according to the unit’s internal temperature. A thin plastic sheet is covering about 15% of the fan's surface, which Corsair probably installed in an attempt to direct the airflow in a more efficient way.

Much like the TX V2 series, Corsair based the smaller 80Plus Gold AX series units on Seasonic designs. However, the base design Corsair chose for their AX series units is entirely different than the one we encountered while reviewing the TX V2 series power supply.

The filtering stage is great, starting with a closed filter mounted behind the A/C receptacle and continuing on the PCB. It totally consists of four Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, four coils and a surge suppressing MOV.

The primary capacitors of the power supply are supplied by Nippon Chemi-Con and are rated at 420V/330μF at 105°C each. Nippon Chemi-Con also supplies all of the secondary side capacitors.

Multiple small heatsinks can be seen cooling the components of the AX650 unit. The bridge rectifiers are mounted on a small heatsink, as are the four secondary side MOSFETs which are responsible for the unit’s output. The primary side APFC MOSFETs share a larger, long heatsink.

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