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Corsair announces new liquid coolers, gaming cases and SSD drives.

Corsair's media department is on fire today, announcing the release of no less than 6 brand new products. The company announced two new liquid CPU coolers, a new gaming case in two colors and several new SSD drives, vastly enriching their total products line-up.

The first product which Corsair announced is the H40 liquid CPU cooler, a simple and effective cooling solution for high-powered CPUs. The kit includes a 2000RPM fan and retails for 59.99$ USD.

While almost identical to the older H70 cooler, the new H70 CORE cooler utilizes a 38mm thick radiator and, unlike all other liquid cooling products which Corsair currently produces, it does not come with any cooling fan, allowing the users to choose any 120mm fan(s) they want. The H70 CORE retails for 89.99$ USD.

Corsair had a good line-up of high speed SSDs but nevertheless the company decided to add some more. The Force GT series has been expanded with the addition of a massive 480GB drive, able to deliver read speeds of up to 555MB/s and write speeds of up to 525MB/s. An interesting product no doubt, although the 999.99$ USD price tag means that the drive costs its weight in Platinum – literaly. A slightly cheaper 480GB version of the Force 3 SSD series, retailing at 799$ USD, has also been released.

Last but not least, Corsair has released the new Carbide 500R gaming case in silver and black. The 500R Carbide combines good cooling options with a generous amount of internal volume and a competitive price tag, with the case retailing from 139.99$ USD.

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