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Corsair 2GB XMS DDR Kits: 3500 PRO & 4400 PRO

There really isn’t much to say about the installation of memory modules,
but these two sets warrant special attention due to their larger-than-normal

Compared to a standard no-frills memory module, these modules are obviously
much taller due to the LED unit. While this should not pose a problem when using
the stock heatsink, those who are using 3rd party heatsinks on their CPU, especially
large ones, might want to check that the heatsink has ample clearance for the
extra height of this particular line of XMS PRO memory from Corsair.

Personally, we encountered problems installing these modules
on a DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D with an XP-90. The portion of the XP-90 overhanging
the memory slots collided with the Corsair memory modules due to its extra height,
forcing us to stick to the stock cooler for this review. If Corsair could design
a detachable LED unit for this line of memory modules, this compatibility problem
would be resolved.

The issue of height aside, this pair of modules does look great,
especially at night. The Christmas tree of LEDs is guaranteed to spice up your
case decoration, but that’s provided your case has a transparent side panel
for your viewing pleasure.


For those who were at the World Cyber Games grand Finals, you
would have seen these memory in our Dream Gaming Stations over at the ASUS booth.

These 2GB kits were used on the 2 ASUS A8N32 SLI at the booth. They made a
beautiful combination with our nicely litted case, and delivered the performance
a Dream Game Station should provide…. so that should say something!

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