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corning gorilla glass anti glare anti bacteria
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Corning working on advanced self-disinfecting, anti-glare glass for mobile devices

New tech drastically reduces glare and reflections in direct sunlight, while killing harmful germs and bacteria.

corning gorilla glass anti glare anti bacteria

The folks behind the popular Gorilla Glass have come up with a special kind of next-generation, anti-glare / non-reflective glass that uses a special anti-microbial coating which kills all unwanted, harmful germs and bacteria on the glass’ surface within two hours.

In addition to the amazing anti-bacterial technology, this new glass will super anti-reflective. Current displays can reduce reflections to as low as 5% of their original intensity; Corning is taking that even further!

To get an idea of just how amazingly anti-reflective the new glass tech is, see the photo below. That circular hole in the center is actually not a hole at all’; it is a piece of the next-gen glass that Corning is working on. Observe how little it reflects back, compared to the standard glass surrounding it.

corning anti reflection anti glare bacteria

There is no name for the new glass technology yet. It is expected to be available to smartphone, tablet and other mobile device manufacturers between 2015-2016.

As someone who habitually wipes his phone display clean every other day, and squints his eyes in mild agony when using his phone in direct sunlight, I cannot wait for mobile device manufacturers to put Corning’s next-gen glass in their phones and tablets. The future is awesome!

via Phone Arena

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