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Coolpad intros Quattro II 4G mid-range smartphone for C Spire Wireless

Coolpad has a new budget-conscious, mid-range smartphone in the pipeline. The Quattro II 4G is the follow-up to last year's first-gen Quattro, but instead of launching on MetroPCS, it will come to C Spire Wireless. 

Coolpad may have a fairly strong reputation in the Chinese budget smartphone market, but outside its homeland there aren’t a lot of folks familiar with the company’s handhelds. For now, that is, because it appears Coolpad wants to leave a mark on the US smartphone world as soon as possible.

The first step in that direction has been a little guy called Quattro 4G, launched back in August 2012 as a MetroPCS exclusive. The regional carrier has reportedly sold around a million units of that modest 4-incher, so naturally a follow-up was bound to come sooner or later.

Only the Quattro II 4G (terrible name, by the way) is not headed to Metro, but C Spire Wireless, an even smaller American network. The release is set for late June and, while pricing is still kept under wraps, chances are it’s not going to force you to break the piggy bank.

At the same time though, the Quattro II looks like a massive and very welcomed upgrade over last year’s first-gen Quattro. For one thing, there’s stock Android 4.1.2 on the phone, which is the stuff of dreams even for a few high-end handheld users these days.

On the hardware side of things, the Quattro II comes packing a dual-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8930 processor and 1 GB of RAM. Not exactly a high-tech combo, but it definitely keeps the fellow in the mid-range niche, right?

As does the comfortably sized 4.5-inch display, even if it boasts a fairly modest 960 x 540 pixels resolution. The 5 MP rear camera and VGA front snapper are pretty decent themselves, but unfortunately I can’t say the same about the 4 GB of on-board storage and meager 1,800 mAh battery. Oh, well, you can’t have it all, can you?

After all, if you could, you wouldn’t be hoping C Spire and Coolpad would be pricing this baby at $150 tops. Which, as things stand, seems like a solid possibility, given the phone’s predecessor used to go for just 80 bucks via MetroPCS. If you're the least bit intrigued, be sure to swing by the source link below for a cool collection of hands-on photos and some first-hand impressions courtesy of the nice folks from PhoneScoop.

Source: Phone Scoop  

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