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CoolerMaster WaveMaster Case Review


Well they did it again. Cooler Master
continues to innovate not only with their heatsinks
(Aero 7+) but also with their cases as evident with
their Wave Master enclosure. A very innovate and
sleek design coupled with Cooler Master’s already
proven case functionality makes the Wave Master
a case in a class all its own, well maybe in the
same one that Alienware has recently created.

We’ve rarely seen such great things
when form and functionality meet in the computer
enclosure industry, but by all accounts the Wave
Master is an exception. A removable motherboard
tray, three relatively quiet 80mm Cooler Master
case fans, top panel audio, USB 2.0, and Firewire
inputs, are just some of the reasons the Wave Master
really is a case to look at when making your next
computer purchase. Did I mention that it’s currently
selling for under $ 175.00 including shipping?

Concluding, the Wave Master really
is as close to perfection as you can get when talking
about computer enclosures, the hype is real, and
I can’t wait to see what products the Cooler Master
engineers will have ready for us come Comdex.

VR-Zone Rating : 94 VRMarks!

CoolerMaster WaveMaster

was given an
Editor’s Choice GOLD Award!

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