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CoolerMaster WaveMaster Case Review

Closer Look :

From the very first glimpse of the
Wave Master one can easily conclude that this isn’t
just your ordinary case, it is truly something different.
Cooler Master went for a very unique front panel
design with the Wave Master, and the only way to
describe the design of the front panel would be
to say that it resembles a wave. The front panel
features a door that hides your 5.25″ and 3.5″
drives as well as a HDD LED, Power and Reset buttons.
You might think the Power LED is missing, but we’ll
get to that in a few minutes…

The top panel of the case is where
you would traditionally find an exhaust fan in Cooler
Master’s premium cases but instead of another 80mm
fan Cooler Master decided to put two USB 2.0, Firewire,
Microphone, and Headphone ports. This is
useful if your computer case is under your desk
as the inputs are closer to you.

When the front panel door is opened,
one can see the four 5.25″ and one 3.5″
exposed bays.

Next we have the Power Supply bracket
and mounting area which will fit just about any
consumer PSU on the market including the Vantec
and PC Toys Massive 520w supplies.

When the side pane lids taken off you
can see that the insides of the case are very similar
to the ATC 101 and 110 series of Cooler Master cases,
two of the most popular models in the Cooler Master
case family.

Here we get a closer look at the 4
5.25″ exposed drive bays that the Wave Master
offers, which of course will house any DVD or CD
drive you’d like, as well as Cooler Master’s new
Musketeer which we’ll be reviewing shortly.

When you look at the back of the case
you can see that there are thumbscrews attaching
all of the PCI bay holders and of course the exhaust
80mm fan that we see in most Cooler Master cases.

Now we take a closer look at the top
panel input ports from inside the case, with all
of the cables needed to get the ports functional
attached to the power supply bracket.

And here we see the two 80mm Cooler
Master intake fans that help cool your hard drives
and move air throughout your case. Notice the blue
and white cable surrounding the 4 pin molex power
connectors, the LED cable is actually incorporated
into the molex power connections for… you’ve guessed
it, a Power LED. You didn’t think that Cooler Master
would make a case without a Power LED did you?

One of the most useful features of
the Wave Master is it’s removable motherboard tray,
a feature that should be incorporated into every
enthusiast’s case as it really makes your life a
lot easier if you’re upgrading or tweaking your
PC on a regular basis.

And here we see the Wave Master in
a functioning setup that still needs some work…
(Cooler Master rounded cables, anyone?)

And finally we see the Wave Master
in all its glory with of course its blue Power LED
turned on, illuminating a good portion of the case’s
front panel.

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