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Coolermaster Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

At the top right side of the keyboard and right above the three common LEDs, CoolerMaster subtly etched the series name. The three indicator LEDs of the Trigger are red.

CoolerMaster offers the Trigger keyboard with four kinds of Cherry MX switches, Red, Black, Blue and Brown. We received the Black version, with the linear, non-tactile switches which require the most force to actuate when compared to any other Cherry switch. The Black MX switches give an outstanding feel during both gaming and typing, although fatigue could become a problem after several consequent hours of computer use.

Right above each and every switch CoolerMaster installed a bright red LED. The characters on the keys light up, with little backlight bleeding around the keys.

CoolerMaster programmed three lighting functions in the Trigger keyboard. The first setting is the “gaming” setting, with only the WASD, arrow and macro keys lighting up.

The second setting is the “normal” setting, with every single key of the keyboard lighting up. The third and final setting is the “strobe” setting, which cannot be captured by a simple picture. In this setting, the LEDs will slowly light up and fade, creating a strobe effect which is certainly impressive but we think that most people would find that setting to be extremely annoying.

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