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Coolermaster Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The CoolerMaster Storm is a grey, serious looking keyboard imitating a high tech militaristic theme. The grey surface of the keyboard is strong plastic, with a metallic plate beneath the keys and a “rubberized” black edge. It is the rubberized surfaces which give the Trigger an extraordinary feeling; however, they are not actually coated with rubber as CoolerMaster suggests but corona treated plastic, which is a good thing as the life expectancy of a corona treated surface is excellent.

Five macro keys can be seen towards the right edge of the keyboard. These keys can be programmed through the keyboard’s software to perform any keys sequence and/or other actions. Unfortunately, although the software does support profiles, you cannot change between profiles “on-the-fly” as with several other gaming keyboards. The innovative part is that the macro functions are now stored inside the 64KB memory of the keyboard itself, allowing their immediate use each time the system powers on.

CoolerMaster replaced the Windows keys with keys featuring their Storm series logo. The key serves the same function but can also be used to access secondary controls through the F keys, as described below.

The F keys offer a variety of other controls as well. By holding down the ex-Windows key and pressing the corresponding F key, the user has control over the keyboard’s lighting, common multimedia actions (Pause, Stop, Play, FB and FF) and volume (Mute, volume up and volume down).

CoolerMaster placed six large anti-skid pads beneath the keyboard. Given the keyboard’s weight and the quality of the pads, it is next to impossible to unwillingly move the keyboard while it is sitting on a desk.

The micro USB connector for the USB cable can be found at the rear of the keyboard. Next to it CoolerMaster installed a small two USB 2.0 port hub, allowing the connection of low power equipment and peripherals. In order to use power hungry devices such as external disk drives, CoolerMaster installed a common 5V DC connector but there is no AC to DC adapter included with the keyboard.

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