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Coolermaster QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The CM Storm series logo occupies the right area of the keyboard’s back side. There are no connectors or any important features on the back side of the keyboard.

The connector of the USB connector can be found at the middle of the keyboard’s bottom. The design of the QuickFire Pro allows the cable to exit from the back, the left or the right side of the keyboard.

CoolerMaster placed four sizable anti-skid pads beneath the keyboard. The pads are more than enough to prevent the keyboard from accidentally sliding on any kind of desk surface.

At the top right side of the QuickFire Pro, CoolerMaster placed enlarged versions of the three common indicator LEDs, aligned with the keyboard’s visual theme. Right next to the LEDs CoolerMaster placed the series logo, which also lights up when any of the keyboard’s lighting modes are on.

CoolerMaster programmed three lighting functions in the QuickFire Pro keyboard. The first setting is the “constrained cluster” setting, with only the WASD and Arrow keys lighting up.

The second setting is the “extended gaming cluster” setting, where the Space bar key and 25 of the keyboard’s keys light up. The third and final setting is the “breathing” setting, which cannot be captured by a simple picture. In this setting, the LEDs of the 25 + Space Bar keys will slowly light up and fade, creating a “breathing” effect which is certainly impressive but we think that most people would find that setting to be extremely annoying in a dark environment.

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