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Coolermaster Praetorian 730 Photo Preview

Coolermaster has expanded their top of the line Praetorian family casings, with this new Praetorian 730. Now with sleeker looks, and an improved internal for better thermal performance, click on right here, for a photo preview of this great new case!

Being one of the latest in the new Praetorian line up, the Coolermaster
Praetorian 730 is painstakingly catered for the enthusiasts, with design based upon various
improvements over it’s predecessor, the Praetorian 731. Today, VR-Zone brings
you a quick photo preview of this next generation full aluminum case, targeted
at enthusiasts and gamers.


The sleek black Praetorian 731, now with a full front aluminum door. Great
for those fussy color pickers, since the door can cover up the color-mismatched optical/ floppy drives.


A very cool looking Praetorian motif right inside, after you flip open the
front aluminum door. Just like what you can see, the whole front behind the
aluminum cover is actually a wire-mesh like structure. Similar to the front part of Coolermaster’s Centurion 5 and Centurion 530.


The clipping mechanism that keeps the front door in place when the door is
closed. Unlike most other cases, Coolermaster decided to use this cheaper yet more effective method.


A picture of the side cooling vent, which makes this case an Intel Thermal
Advantage Case. This air vent will direct cool air from the outside into the CPU
fan inside. Such strategies can effectively lower CPU temperatures by up to 10
degrees celcius!


A top cover that pops up when you press on it…


Under the cover, you get a variety of easily accessible ports such as USB,
Firewire, Audio, etc. The unique placement at the top of the case is refreshing yet practical since it is an easily accessible spot for most users who place their cases on the floor. On top of this, more thermal-conscious users who prefer a top fan exhaust can do
so by converting this bay with the help of an included fan grill. It will
screw onto the customized holes perfectly.


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