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CoolerMaster Cosmos II : The Ultra Tower Case Review

The massive side panels of the CoolerMaster Cosmos II case are covered by a sheet of brushed aluminum. Vents form a sharp, aggressive design of quick angles and straight lines. Steel handles can be seen at both the bottom and top of the case.

The rear of the case partially reveals its layout, with the extruded PSU compartment found at the bottom of the case. The latches securing the side panels can also be seen and pushing them downwards releases the side panel doors.

There are three rubber grommets covering the holes for those users who will decide not to install a watercooling system entirely inside the Cosmos II, even though as we will later see most commercial computer watercooling radiators will easily fit inside this chassis. The user can use the third grommet to route any necessary cables.


The top panel mesh cover can be removed only after removing a thumbscrew from the rear of the case, revealing the mounting spots for the top exhaust fans. There is a single 120mm exhaust fan installed but the users can install either up to three 120mm fans, two 140mm fans or a single 200mm fan. Watercooling users are given ample space to install an up to 3x120mm radiator.

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