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Cooler Master’s Hyper 212

Cooler Master has touched down again with a new product, the Hyper 212! Sporting 4 heatpipes, a tall physical profile with stacked fins and mounting space for dual 120mm fans, it promises to be one fierce competitor in the cooling arena! Read on the find out more.

Cooler Master’s new CPU cooler comes in an immaculately packed, newly designed retail packaging. Their signature colour combination of White and Magenta still lingers in their package designs. The height of the box gives tell-tale hints to potential owners about its tall profile..

Out comes the cooler from the box! Behold, a rather tall heatsink, with a single transclucent onyx-black 120mm fan that gets illuminated by accompanying blue LEDs when the system powers up. The fan’s air flow is an impressive 69.69 CFM for a comparatively low noise level of 19 dBA @ 2000rpm.The cooler feels amazingly light for its weight – 710 grams. Considering  that heavier weighted heatsinks would have an adverse effect on vertical mounted motherboards in the long run, Cooler master has really toned down the weight of their higher-ended CPU coolers – a point that enthusiasts should celebrate about!

The primary feature of the CPU cooler would be the screw-on fan mounting clips and the 8 heatpipes that stretch the entire height of the heat-sink. With heatpipe technology becoming a norm amongst 3rd party cooling device makers nowadays, its hard to ignore the fact that this cooler comes with a rather standard configuration.


The backview of the heatsink , from which we can observe the streamlined aluminium fins. The special point about this heatsink is that instead of other conventional 3rd party brands that focus on a large single structure to dissipate heat, the Hyper212 has opted to go for two separate structures – dual uniformed rows of copper heatpipes decked out with a large amount of aluminium fins in a semi-circular fashion. The two separate metal entities are only joined together at the base of the heatsink. Innovative design by Cooler Master, kudos to that!


Now for a look at the heatsink’s base. Not too shabby ! The base adopts a mixture of Copper and Aluminium to help absorb the heat quickly towards the two separate metal structures.

Not to worry about compatibility issues across different platforms – the Hyper212 can be mounted on your Intel or AMD-based setup easily, with it’s custom backplate and mounting brackets( For LGA 775/ AM2/939/754). Mounting the cooler on mainboards should be quite tedious to first timers, but  an easy task to experienced enthusiasts who have already dealt with mounting mechanisms of this kind since its introduction several years ago.

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