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Cooler Master Seidon 240M Liquid Cooler Review


Cooler Master supplies the Seidon 240M inside a fairly large, square cardboard box, with the classic black/purple color theme they have us used to. A picture of the kit covers most of the front side, as well as a shortlist of its most basic features. Detailed size schematics can be found printed on the rear side of the box.

Opened box.
Opened box.

Inside the box, everything is very well packed and secured inside a cardboard structure, plus protected with nylon bags. A thin sheet of polystyrene foam covers the top of the packaging.

Bundled items
Bundled items.

Even though the bundle looks very rich, all these parts are actually necessary for the installation of the Seidon 240M, except from perhaps the anti-vibration rubber gasket which can be considered an extra. The rest are merely retention brackets, backplates, screws and bits required for the mounting of the water block onto the CPU and the installation of fans on the radiator.

DF1202512RFUN 120mm Cooling fans.
DF1202512RFUN 120mm Cooling fans.

Cooler Master supplies two 120mm fans along with the Seidon 240M. We were thoroughly pleased with the selection of fans, as the DF1202512RFUN is a very high quality fan with a dual ball bearing engine and a very wide operational range. The maximum speed of the fans is 2400RPM so, hopefully, the will be installed on a fan speed controller or a motherboard capable of adjusting the speed of the fans. Both fans have all-black wires.

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