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Cooler Master Seidon 120M and Hyper T4 Mini-Review

The  Seidon 120M is Cooler Master's latest foray into the mainstream pre-filled, closed loop water cooling market dominated by the likes of Antec and Corsair. Featuring a slim 120mm radiator type, reinforced metal tubing to prevent leaks and a small integrated pump, the Seidon 120M is a quick plug and play solution for enthusiasts who want to dabble into water cooling without the installation or maintenance hassles. The bundled 120mm PWM fan is slightly more powerful than the Hyper T4's, coming in at a speedy 2400RPM with an airflow rating of 86.15 CFM and up to 40 dBA of noise.

The screws around the copper base is reminiscent of other Asetek OEM designs found on coolers like the Antec 620. Also, there is pre-applied thermal paste which is not shown in this picture. Pump life expectancy is rated at 70,000 hours (~8 years), which is pretty long.


When in operation, there is a blue LED light from the pump which will look attractive in the open side window of the enclosure. We very much prefer the screwed-on metal mounting bracket on the Seidon 120M rather than the obtuse rubber ring design on competing models as it offers better mounting pressure and ease of installation.


Like the test setup of the Hyper T4 on the previous page, we used a Intel i7-3960X mounted on a Rampage IV GENE. One shortfall of closed loop coolers on such a setup is the lack of cooling for the surrounding VRMs, which can get rather toasty and cause CPU throttling under load. As such, we placed another fan over them during testing.


At stock speed and voltages, temperatures maxed out at 60 degrees during the Linpack tests (regular applications/games should be significantly lower). We could push the CPU voltage up to 1.45v before throttling kicks in, which should be good for around 4.6GHz on the six-core Sandy Bridge-E setup. Regular Ivy Bridge / Bulldozer FX users should have no problems attaining 5GHz and beyond with this cooler, CPU ability permitting of course. We reckon this level of performance is in the same league as high end CPU towers from Thermalright and Noctua. The Seidon 120M is available at SGD$129 (with a free additional fan).


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