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Cooler Master Real Power 450 Review

As you can see from the picture above, the Real Power 450 is not your standard power supply. Traditional power supply design has one 80mm fan exhausting excess heat from the power supply, but with the Real Power 450, Cooler Master included a large 120mm fan instead. To prevent overheating and increase airflow, the Real Power 450 has a "honey comb" exhaust structure.

The Cooler Master Real Power 450 has seven four pin molex power connectors, two SATA power connectors, and two floppy power connectors for even the most demanding systems. One of the selling points that Cooler Master emphasizes with the Real Power 450 is its two 12v rail design. With dual rails, a power supply has an easier time managing power to different components,


useful if your running a high end system that requires a great deal of power.

Another trend we’ve seen over the last few years in high end power supplies like the Real Power 450 is the use of a 24-pin motherboard power connector. The 24-pin power connector has been a requirement for server-class motherboards for the last few years, but has just recently been adopted by Intel to be used in powering the 925 and 915 chipsets that have just been released. If you’re running a motherboard that uses the standard 20-pin motherboard power connector, Cooler Master includes the 24-pin to 20-pin converter.

Here we can see Cooler Master’s "Human Computer Interface," or simply put, voltage meter. The included voltage meter connects to your PSU and gives you an accurate analog reading of how much power your computer is taking up at any given time.

On the side of the Real Power 450, we can see the unit’s output specifications. To calculate overall wattage, Cooler Master uses the continuous output rating, giving you a realistic handle on the products ability.

The voltage meter we showed you earlier fits right into any 3.5" drive bay and is back-lit by its own blue LED.

The Real Power 450’s 120mm fan also comes with a nice looking blue LED.

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