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Cooler Master Real Power 450 Review

Today we take a look at a brand new power supply from Cooler Master, the Real Power 450. Cooler Master brings a few unique features to the table with this new PSU, including a bundled volt meter that tells you how much power your system is currently using. How does the Real Power 450 perform? Come take a look…

The computer industry is one that often misleads consumers. Often times products are marketed and sold to consumers that expect good performance, but instead recieve nothing of the sort. Lately, we’ve seen this trend become very apparent with companies selling power supplies, marketing power and reliability when in reality it doesn’t exist. Many companies sell power supplies rated at their peak outputs, inflating wattages to numbers that are almost never seen.

These power supplies often make it into high end systems that really do require a great deal of power, power that shotty power supplies with misleading wattage claims cannot provide. To combat this trend, companies with good track records like Antec and Enermax have come out with great power supplies rated at their continuous ratings, giving consumers a better idea of what the power supplies being sold can handle.

The power supply market has heated up quite a bit over the last few years with many companies that traditionally stayed away from power supplies releasing great products to the market, the latest of which is from a company many of you are familiar with, Cooler Master. Cooler Master has just announced a new high end power supply, the Real Power 450, with a ton of new features that will get the attention of many hardware enthusiasts.

With the Real Power 450, Cooler Master includes something brand new to the table, power monitoring. The Real Power 450 actually allows you to see how much power your power supply is using at any given moment, using an external meter that attaches to a 3.5" bay. We’ve seen Cooler Master innovate in the cooling and enclosure segments of the computer hardware industry, but do they have what it takes to become a player in the highly competitive power supply markets? Let’s take a closer look…


Form Factor
Input Voltage
Input Current
8A @ 115Vac / 4A @ 230Vac
Input Frequency Range
Power Good Signal
100 ~ 500ms
Hold Up Time
> 17ms
Output Capacity
450W Continually
Operating Hours
400,000 Hours
Operation Temperature


Package Contents:

•Instruction Manual
•Power Supply
•Analog Wattage Meter
•Power Cable

The Real Power 450 has the standard bundle you’d expect to come with a power supply, with one extra addition, the analog wattage meter we mentioned earlier.


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