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Cooler Master Centurion 5 Case Review

So what’s the deal with the Centurion 5? Well, it is definitely not a case built for the pc hardware enthusiast. The Centurion family is a group of cases that are very affordable, but are not made with the same quality and do not have the same features we saw Cooler Master bring to the market with their line of ATCS cases. The case has no removable motherboard tray, standard PSU, cheap PCI slot grabbers, and the “slide and lock” bay mechanism, and a steel frame. The lack of features on the inside of the case makes it one that is not very attractive to enthusiasts, but we have to keep in mind that the case is really not made for them.

At a price point below $ 100, the Centurion 5 is Cooler Master’s answer to Antec’s growing arsenal of sub $ 100 cases that are made with the mainstream market in mind. When you look at the Centurion 5 from this perspective, the case really does look pretty impressive. The main advantage the Centurion 5 has over its Antec counterparts is exterior look. Cooler Master has always been able to make great looking cases, and the Centurion 5 is definitely one of the company’s better looking creations.

The case has a new “perforated screen design” to improve airflow inside the case and overall looks sharp from the outside. It looks like Cooler Master tried to do a little over innovation with the inside of the case, with features like PCI slot grabbers that really aren’t that useful, and can break very easily.

If you are looking at building a mid-ranged computer that won’t need a high end power supply, the Centurion 5 is a great value for its money. Just be advised that in the end, you really do get what you pay for.

Overall Rating : 78 VRMarks!

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