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Cooler Master Cavalier Case Review

Priced at $ 110 + shipping, the Cavalier 1 is a mid-priced enclosure aimed at people that like the overall wave master design with a little extra. The case comes equipped with a great looking front panel sound meter and places its front panel inputs where they should be, on the front panel (Wave Master had them on the top panel). Overall, the case looks good from the outside, by putting a new spin on a popular look, the Cavalier 1 may even be of interest to some Wave Master owners for secondary rigs.

However, when we opened the side panel, we saw a familiar looking interior layout, that for many enthusiasts just would not work. The locking mechanism for the 5.25″ and 3.25″ devices may be a good idea in theory, but I’d prefer to manually screw in my devices. Call me old fashioned, but I also think it makes the inside of the case look more bulky.

We didn’t have any PCI card clippers break on us this time around, but those too really aren’t the best addition to the Cavalier 1’s interior layout. Once again it might have been a good idea on paper, but when it made it into the product the clippers could easily break and didn’t look that good. Also lacking is a removable motherboard tray, a key feature looked for in most cases by hardware enthusiasts.

On the positive, the included power supply is a nice addition to the Cavalier 1, giving the case a better overall value and making it more attractive to the mainstream market the case is designed for. The included intake and exhaust fans are pretty quiet and will suite most users just fine, except people with multiple RAID arrays that would not be cooled by the Cavalier 1’s single 80mm intake fan.

So what’s the deal with the Cavalier 1? It’s a good looking case made for the mainstream market based on the Wave Master’s exterior design. It has the feel of a very high end case but the interior and price tag of one in the mid-ranged market. Overall, the Cavalier 1’s strengths overpower its weaknesses, and the Cavalier 1 is a good case. It’s about time Antec saw some quality competition in the mid-ranged market.

Overall Rating : 84 VRMarks!

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