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Construction workers destroy 2,300 year old pyramid

A construction company in need of crushed rock saw it fit to destroy one of Belize's largest pyramids for a road-building project.

Sometimes human ignorance and disregard can be truly shocking. A construction company in Belize has destroyed one of the largest pyramids in the country, the 2,300 year old Mayan Nohmul pyramid, because they needed rock. The pyramid, which sat near the Mexican border, was one of the most important historic sites in the country, and while it lacked the even stone sides seen in reconstructed or better preserved pyramids, it was still a 100-foot tall, clearly man made building of ancient origin. What was so important that the building had to be sacrificed? A road-building project needed some crushed rock.

Good bye pyramid…


Jaime Awe, head of the Belize Institute of Archeology, put it very well: "Just to realize that the ancient Maya acquired all this building material to erect these buildings, using nothing more than stone tools and quarried the stone, and carried this material on their heads, using tump lines. To think that today we have modern equipment, that you can go and excavate in a quarry anywhere, but this company completely disregarded that and completely destroyed this building."


Equally shocking is that this is apparently a "problem” for Belize. This isn't the first Mayan site to be destroyed for construction project, but it is certainly the largest.

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