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Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S5 go on sale mid-March

Samsung will release its next flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone to the public mid-March, a source confirmed.


The smartphone craze has died down a bit in recent days, but Samsung is still going hard at it.  Speculations have pointed toward a March release date for the Galaxy S5, and now those rumors are confirmed by an unnamed Samsung executive.

GSM reported that the S5 will go on sale in three weeks, which means the phone will hit retail on or around March 13.  Samsung will likely unveil the handset at its Unpack 5 event at Mobile World Congress on February 24, so that will give people about two weeks to decide whether or not the S5 will be a worthy upgrade.

Online retailer lists full-HD version of Galaxy S5, screenshot confirms QHD display

Along with some beefed up hardware, the S5 will also tout a revamped and ‘flatter’ TouchWiz interface.

Source: GSMArena

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