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Computex 2014: Rosewill announces the gargantuan B2 Spirit chassis

Rosewill’s upcoming $199 B2 Spirit can accommodate HPTX motherboards.


Rosewill is launching a host of new products at Computex 2014, which include new gaming enclosures, accessories, audio hardware, external battery power banks and others.

Among the highlight of Rosewill’s announcements is its latest case, the B2 Spirit. With the ability to accommodate the largest of motherboards (HPTX), video cards (400 mm in length), and radiators (360 mm), the case is one of the largest we’ve seen. A total of 13 HDDs can fit into the enclosure. Airflow is taken care of thanks to a raised panel section. The front I/O ports are hidden from view but can be accessed easily by clicking on the flap cover.

The case features an interesting design in that the bottom half of the front and the raised panel are covered by a brushed aluminium finish, whitish the rest of the case has a matte look to it. The enclosure has a lot of ventilation that allows for great airflow through the interior. 

Rosewill mentions that the B2 Spirit will be available later this year for $199. 

Rosewill B2 Spirit gallery

In addition to the gaming case, Rosewill is showcasing its new line of keyboards that feature custom RGB lighting. While individual key color configuration is not available yet (Rosewill says that it will be rolled out through a  future software update), you have the ability to customise the overall backlight color of the keyboard through Rosewill’s software.

Rosewill is also demoing its tweaked Cherry MX switches, which feature a new textured coating for the WASD cluster and the arrow keys. The textured keys offer better comfort during extended gaming sessions. 

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