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Computex 2014: ASRock showcases 9-series motherboards

By offering three different product lines and a host of new technologies, ASRock is set to challenge the likes of Asus, Gigabyte and MSI this year.


ASRock is looking to gain more market share in the motherboard segment with this year’s offerings, which are divided into three segments: Fatal1ty, OC and the mainstream series. The vendor has several Z97 boards available at the high-end segment and is offering the more affordable H97 boards at the lower to mid-range category.

ASRock has five models in the gaming series, two products in the OC line, which include an E-ATX Z97 OC Formula and a micro-ATX Z97M OC Formula, and thirteen models in the mainstream line, which also features a Z97 Anniversary edition that has been designed for Intel’s unlocked 3.2 GHz Pentium 20 year anniversary CPU.


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