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COMPUTEX 2010: Pre-Show International Press Conference

Dr Jack Chang comes from the Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK) wing of ITRI, which was founded in 1973 as Taiwan’s research center for technology. Dealing with policy making and market research, Dr Jack Chang presented a number of figure and graphs showing Taiwan’s standing in the ICT industry. He also mapped out some trends and forecasts to the curious journalist.
One of the themes revolving around COMPUTEX 2010 was “Creating a Better Life by ICT.” This ties in with the “Global Green Wave” mentioned by Dr Jack Chang. Taiwan’s government imposes rather strict measures on recyling and waste management, so we were not surprised when Dr Jack Chang mentioned that UMC and TSMC are moving into photovoltaic development. The similarities in development of solar cells and TFT LCD and Integrated Circuits (ICs) put Taiwan in a prime position to create next generation solar cells.
To further prove his point on the interconnectedness of ICT, Dr Jack Chang talked about dynamic power distribution, one of the applications of cloud computing. Even 3D displays, the next big thing, will continue to drive Taiwan’s LCD production industry.
Dr Jack Chang paid tribute to the IC, saying that “without ICs, we’re going back to Stone Age.” It’s indeed hard to dispute him when he’s waving his iPhone while saying that line. Below are some intersting figures just to prove what we already know – Taiwan is still an electronics design and production powerhouse to this day.
When Dr Jack Chang concluded his speech, it was time for Questions & Answers. The press seemed genuinely interested in tablet computers, but it will only be in June that we’d know what is ready, and what is not.
Eventually, one of our media friends finally asked about the symbolism of the new COMPUTEX logo. Mr Moses Yen went on and summarised it all in a fews words. Quoting the Chinese saying that 30 is the prime age, COMPUTEX Sweetie is an icon of a promising future brought to us with the help of technology. Just for good measure, Mr Moses Yen mentioned that the COMPUTEX logo represents a window of infinite opportunities.
When you bring hundreds of ICT companies together under three roofs, that’s when you’re indeed looking at infinite opportunities. This is VR-Zone.com, signing off from Taipei.

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