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COMPUTEX 2010: Memory and Storage Roundup!

Performance memory modules at a blazing 2600MHz, solid state drives with 512GB capacities, flash storage solutions, see them all at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010.

For many memory and storage manufacturers, 2010 is the year to refresh the 2009 product lineup for the industry’s hottest new connectivity standard – SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0). Many are also rapidly expanding their Solid State Drive (SSD) product range to cater to different tiers of the market.

Production of the Elpida BASE/BBSE DDR3 memory Integrated Circuits (ICs) that have served us so well in 2009, have also been put to a stop. Enthusiast memory makers now find themselves (or their suppliers) running out of Elpida ICs to bin, so most are now making the switch to Powerchip (PSC) A3G-A type DDR3 memory ICs instead.

With these pointers in mind, let us take a look at what COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 has in store for us when it comes to memory and storage.


ADATA might not be famed for its enthusiast memory lineup, but the truth is that it is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) behind many of such products, which are very popular in the market.


OEM companies are often known for having an inadequate top-flight product range under their house brands in order not to outshine their customers, but ADATA still has a strong following for its Xtreme, Plus and Gaming (XPG) lineup.


High density memory is all the rage these days, and ADATA offers them in a few flavours.


Here you see the updated Plus memory, now known as Plus Series VER 2.0, complete with meaner cooling.


This is the Gaming Series Version 2.0, seen with larger heatsink protusions than the initial Gaming Series.


The Xtreme Series is targetted at the overclocking enthusiast, being binned at alower latency than the rest.


ADATA even has high density (8GB kit) performance memory (DDR3-1600MHz, CL9) on the SO-DIMM form factor, providing laptop and Mobile on Desktop (MoDT) users both speed and capacity.


The entire ADATA XPG lineup in full glory.


Next page for ADATA’s storage solutions.


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