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COMPUTEX 2010: International Press Conference and New Product Previews

With COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 kicking off tomorrow, organisers have gathered the press for a proper address. Find out more about COMPUTEX 2010 with today’s International Press Conference.

31 May 2010 – COMPUTEX TAIPEI is still Asia’s largest Information Communication Technology (ICT) trade show to this day, and no one is in a better position to speak about it than Mr Moses Yen, President & CEO of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). No one says it better, too; Mr Yen declared COMPUTEX “30 years young.” It is this youthful exuberance possessed by Taiwan’s computer industry that has allowed COMPUTEX to evolve into one of the largest ICT trade shows it is today.
Making it clear that COMPUTEX has not shrunk the least bit from last year to this, Mr Yen was proud to announce a 8% increase in show scale – made up by no less than 1,715 exhibitors located at 4,861 booths.
Making a quick reference to past statistics, Mr Yen is positive about the trends of the IT industry. He said, “every facade of IT continued to expand year after year.” Innovation is no doubt the key to such capability, and this is why the COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation (d&i) awards have been set up to “take innovation and design to a new level.”

Taking over the rostrum was Mr Li Chang, Deputy Secretary General, Taipei Computer Association (TCA). Mr Chang noted that Taipei’s role as a ICT trade hub has evolved – from being principally a PC supply chain, to becoming more Consumer Electronics (CE) centric. This “transformation of the Taiwan ICT industry,” says Mr Chang, will reflect itself in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010.

Mr Chang reiterated on the importance of innovation, quoting the cooperation of TAITRA, TCA, Taiwan Design Center (TDC), and iF International Forum Design for this year’s COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation (d&i) awards. Speaking about design and innovation, is none other than Ralph Wiegmann, Managing Director of iF International Forum Design.

Wiegmann first made clear the postition of iF International Forum Design in the COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation (d&i) awards. “It is not about supporting certain brands,” says Wiegmann. “That is what iF has been standing for, for almost 60 years now,” he declares. According to the German design guru, “the COMPUTEX success story is an outstanding and ongoing one.” With such great emphasis on design and innovation, we certainly think that way too.

Next up was the awards ceremony for COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation (d&i) awards 2010.

Out of 181 design entries, the judges’ panel for COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation awards 2010 selected 34 products. Winners took the awards from the hands of none other than Mr Yen and Mr Chang.

Mr Yen and Mr Chang then sat down to answer some questions from the attendants of the COMPUTEX TAIPEI International Press Conference 2010. Scribes from around the globe put up their hands to get a go at grilling the duo for juicy news.

Mr Yen, laughing off the tension when some of the press got a little too carried away. “These are the kind of questions you would hear at a Board meeting!” he exclaimed.

Those questions would of course answer themselves, in less than 24 hours, when COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 show grounds finally open for members of the industry.

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