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Computex 07: Day 2 Updates

Time for the news feed again from Taipei, @ Computex 2007!

We find ourselves back in the Halls of Computex 2007 on Day 2, and here are some of the stuff that caught our eyes…

Arctic Cooling

Arctic Cooling was down with their usual slew of cooling and accessories. This now includes a low noise PSU and thermal paste.

A cross sectional display was up to explain AC’s concept what makes a cool and silent PC (with Arctic Cooling components of course).


AsRock’s ability at engineering budget boards is world renowned, engineering 533FSB chipsets to do 800MHz was its forte back in 478 era. The recent VSTA boards have even clocked rather well with the Core 2 Duo. Let’s see what tricks they’ve up their sleeves this time around.

How about downscaled Bearlake with that 1333FSB on tap?

Slimmed down boards for that HD content HTPC.

Some demonstration rigs were running too.


We found ourselves back at Corsair (was it because of the pretty little pirate damsels? Hmmm…) to snap up some more memory goodies.

A pair of DDR3 modules were running on Corsair’s setup offering some rather high clockspeeds. More in the screen shots below:

4GB DDR3 in dual chanel, 2 x 2GB running at 1600MHz:

I think going to work with a thumb drive bearing the brand of the RAMs in my system is rather cool. Have a knack for some flash geek appeal?

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