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Company produces fart-absorbing underwear, sound still goes through

An undergarment company has produced what could be one’s saving grace if uncontrollable flatulence is a problem.


At a certain age, many of us will come to realize that flatulence or the passing of gas is a normal part of everyone’s biological process.  If you didn’t fart once in a while, then perhaps you should see a doctor.  For younger people and other outliers, however, farting in public is embarrassing—especially if the farting isn’t in silence and the sound echoes throughout a quiet setting (i.e. a library).

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For people who are a bit insecure about their body’s excretion process, Shreddies, a UK-based company, has made some underwear that will absorb the odor vapors that come out of their body, and become re-activated when the item is washed.  Shreddies claims their underwear is light-weight, and of course very stylish.

Other than the fact that the Shreddies undies won’t block out the actual farting sound, the concept seems like it’s just as practical as any other brilliant ideas as of late.

Source: myshreddies

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