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Company of Heroes 2 Story Trailer Tells a Tale of Woe

SEGA have released an awesome new trailer for Company of Heroes 2! War, Russians, Nazi's, tanks, flying aces, war-time intrigue and espionage, could you ask for more?!

SEGA and Relic Entertainment has just released the brand new trailer for their upcoming RTS, Company of Heroes 2

The trailer opens with two officers discussing the contents of a book set before them questioning the "truth" of recent battle. The questioned officer begins to reminisce on the war-torn turmoil he's experienced and the hellish remnants of memory that haunt him. We are then transported to the heart of battle where we see the more destructive and depressing sides of war. The narrating officer is told that his work was a great victory and that it was a necessity, but things begins to turn even more grim and we see the casualties of war.

Overall, the trailer pulls off an astounding effort to sell an RTS game without any greater or continuning lore, such as with the Starcraft franchise. Relic has taken a big leaf out of the stories from military shooters such as Call of Duty Black Ops, Spec Ops:The Line and even Battlefield 3. The declassified nature of military history is enough to spark the creative mind to all sorts of places, but with something like a war uninvolved with United States, could bring a whole different kind of story to the already dark history of war. The game was announced this time last year with only a few screenshots and videos and it's great to see the developers come this far and craft an engaging story around some well-crafted gameplay

Company of Heroes 2 has already had a rough time getting made, with the fallout from THQ, but it seems that the marketing team with SEGA is strong and with the release date looming even closer (June 25th), Company of Heroes 2 could turn out to be one of the biggest releases of the year. It has been over four years since the last entry in the franchse, 2009's Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor and was acquired by SEGA after THQ sold the entirety of RTS developer, Relic Entertainment to SEGA.

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