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CommunicAsia 2004 Day 2 Report

The Singapore-Canada Neverwinter Nights Challenge. Last heard the score was 11-3 in favour of Singapore.

A brief description of NWN. Click for larger image.

A brief description of WiLAN, the technology that helped Canada solved network issues during the 911 incident, when US re-directed most of the air-traffic over to Canada. Click for larger image.

Neverwinter Nights in action. I believe this guy must be one of the Singapore representative from Nanyang Polytechnic.

Jestertek’s Holopoint technology which highly resembles the futuristic screen shown in the movie “Minority Report”.

The USD$ 4000 glass panel that is less than 5cm thick. Images are projected via the back using a projector

The Holopoint runs on a technology that uses 2 video cameras to capture the human’s hand motion. Jestertek has successfully designed an “invisible” version of their motion sensor in Germany by hiding it on the ceiling.

Close-up of the glass screen. The only such screen found in Singapore is in the Singapore Science Center. Worldwide there are 700 such screens.

The glass screen mounted on a stand.

Last but not least, the friendly engineer from Jestertek who spent quite some time explaining and demonstrating his software to us. As a result, there was quite a crowd behind us.

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