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Commodore USA Announces Plans To Revive the Amiga

Think the good old Amiga desktop was dead and buried? Far from it: a new company calling itself Commodore USA has announced that they have just acquired the rights to the Amiga brand name, and will be using it for their new lineup of computers which run on AROS. Ready to relive the ‘good old days’ of computing?

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The original Commodore may have gone bankrupt and its lineup of desktop PCs considered beyond obsolete by today’s standards, but many still remember them as being one of the most popular platforms in the past. This was even more so when Commodore first launched their Amiga desktop PCs, which boasted high efficiency and processing power while still managing to remain more affordable than the Apple Macintosh and IBM PC then.

Unfortunately, all good things usually come to an end, and Commodore eventually went bankrupt in 1994, which also resulted in the death of the Amiga product line. However, it seems that the Amiga might soon be resurrected: a new company known as Commodore USA has announced that it had obtained the rights to use the Amiga brand, and will be producing computers which run on an open-source variant of the original AmigaOS.

No additional information has been released yet, so there is nothing more we can do but wait and see how this will turn out. Still, suffice to say the prospect of a proper Amiga revival running on a proper Amiga OS (and not Windows or Linux) will probably be of great interest to those who still habour fond memories of the system and its role in revolutionizing the desktop PC market.

Source: Commodore USA via Engadget

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