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comGateway and PayPal announce HopShopGo Concierge Service

Buying electronic goods and computer hardware directly from Best Buy and Newegg is something most of us would love to do, thanks to the current economic situation. And with comGateway teaming up with PayPal to provide a more convenient method of shopping online via the new HopShopGo concierge service, there is probably no reason not to do so anymore.

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Let’s face it: it is tough to be a computer enthusiast in Singapore. Not only does Sim Lim Square have a fairly limited variety of hardware and components for us to play with, the prices offered by the local resellers are usually nowhere near as competitive as those offered in the US markets.

As such, it is not uncommon to see posts in computer forums seeking feedback or instructions on how to ship in the latest processor, graphics cards or consumer electronic devices directly from the US. However, unlike most popular concierge services, the new HopShopGo service will make such shopping even more convenient by allowing one to pay for such purchases with PayPal.

Speaking at a hands-on session to showcase HopShopGo’s capabilities was PayPal Head of PR and Corporate Communications APAC Dickson Seow, who explained how the new service will make it easier for users who wish to purchase items from US-based merchants.

“Six out of every 10 transactions for Singaporeans using PayPal is to buy stuff from the US. So it is the number one online shopping destination for Singaporeans. They want to buy from the US. That is one of the reasons we decided to work with comGateway to launch this shopping site that has US merchants on it,” he said.

Also present at the session was Wee Yirong, Business Development Director for comGateway, who proceeded to demonstrate how online shoppers could make use of a PayPal account to purchase and ship items over from US merchants with HopShopGo.

The portal offers two main services for users to choose from: BuyForMe and ShipForMe. BuyForMe is used when US merchants explicitly state that neither PayPal nor non US-issued credit cards will be accepted. In this case, HopShopGo will purchase the item on the user’s behalf and ship it over to Singapore at a fee, as shown in the example where HopShopGo is used to make a purchase from Newegg.com:

In the event that the online merchant accepts PayPal but is unable to ship the product out of the US, the ShipForMe method is also available. This option will provide users with a US-based address which they can use for checking out purposes. The merchant will then deliver the package over to the HopShopGo warehouse, where it is prepared for shipment to Singapore.

Wee also claimed that HopShopGo’s shipping services are more trustworthy than those found in the current concierge services today, due to a strategic partnership with DHL.

For more information such as the calculation and breakdown of shipping charges , users can visit the HopShopGo website loacated here.

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