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CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Keyboard Review

CoolerMaster obviously designed the QuickFire TK with gamers in mind, particularly those who frequently participate in LAN party events. Despite its relatively simple design, the QuickFire TK is a high quality product, very well designed and assembled. Even though it is mostly made out of plastic, the material is of very high strength and quality. CoolerMaster also installed laser etched keys, which will last for quite some time before fading. It can easily withstand the rigors of hard every day gaming and more.

On the other hand, it lacks a lot of features of high end gaming mechanical keyboards, with the first and foremost being the lack of a single programmable macro key. This however can be blamed on the compact design of the QuickFire TK, as CoolerMaster merged the navigation keys with the NumPad just to save a few centimeters, therefore enlarging it by adding macro keys would make no real sense.

The full backlighting and lighting controls of the QuickFire TK are more than any enthusiast could ask for; every key is illuminated and the user gets to choose between three modes and five brightness levels. This however generated a disadvantage for the QuickFire TK as well; it made the keyboard more expensive. Actually, the QuickFire TK retails for about 90 EUR / 100 USD / 135 SGD at the time of this review, the exact same retail price as the full-sized QuickFire Pro. On the other hand however, the QuickFire Pro only has partial backlighting and is physically larger, leaving the QuickFire TK at advantage when it comes to both aesthetics and mobility. We know for a fact that frequent LAN party attendees will be purchasing the Quick Fire TK without thinking about it for a second; the rest will have to wrestle their thoughts and decide whether they prefer the full backlight and compact design of the TK over the partial backlight and full size of the Pro.



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