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CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Keyboard Review

The right area of the keyboard’s back side is occupied by the CM Storm franchise logo. There are no connectors or any important features on the back side of the keyboard.

Moving to check the bottom of the QuickFire TK, we found the connector of the USB cable at the middle of the keyboard’s bottom. The design of the QuickFire TK allows the cable to exit from the back, the left or the right side of the keyboard. There are also four large anti-skid pads of good quality, which will keep the keyboard steady on any surface. Two standard feet can also elevate the back side of the keyboard slightly for better ergonomics.

CoolerMaster programmed three lighting functions in the QuickFire TK keyboard, the "gaming mode", the "breathing mode" and the normal mode. When in gaming mode, only the WASD keys will light up.

When in normal mode, almost every key of the keyboard will light up, except from a few. The F12/Windows Lock key is the first exception, which lights up only if it is activated. The second exception is the arrow keys, which will not light up if the Num Lock key is activated, allowing the NumPad to be used as any other typical NumPad. Deactivating the Num Lock will activate the lighting on the arrow keys and deactivate it on the rest of the NumPad, indicating that now only navigation keys are functional. Unfortunately we cannot represent the "breathing mode" by pictures. Much like with the normal mode, all keys light up but their brightness continuously dims and increases slowly, replicating a "breathing" effect.

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