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CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Cooler Master QuickFire TK truly looks like a miniature version of the QuickFire Pro, the full size gaming keyboard which the company released several months ago. Cooler Master removed the navigation keys area and merged it with the numpad, shoving off quite a few centimeters from the keyboard's width. The chassis of the keyboard is plastic but there is a red metallic plate beneath the keys. The visual theme of the keyboard is simple and austere, following the overall "militaristic" theme of most gaming peripherals Cooler Master has released in the past couple of years. This may be the simplest mechanical keyboard which Cooler Master currently markets but every key on the keyboard is mechanical and the keycaps are laser-etched, keeping the quality standards high.

As we mentioned before, we received the QuickFire TK with Cherry MX Red switches, which are the most popular gaming switches available. Cooler Master also offers this keyboard with Blue switches (and blue backlight/blue metallic plate) and with Brown switches (and white backlight/brown metallic plate).

At the top right side of the QuickFire TK, on a slightly embossed area, Cooler Master engraved the CM Storm logo and placed the three common indicator LEDs vertically next to it.

By holding down the FN key and pressing a function key, the user can access the special features and controls of the QuickFire TK. Starting with the ESC key, FN+ESC switches from NKRO to 6KRO mode. Of course you would always want n-key roll over activated at all times; however, this feature is not compatible with Mac computers or even with all Windows-based PCs and could prevent these systems from booting. The F1 to F4 keys control the backlight, from its brightness and mode to turning it on or off.

FN + keys from F5 to F11 are being used for multimedia controls. F5 to F8 are being used for basic media controls (Play/Pause, Stop, Back and Forward), while F9 to F11 are being used to control the system's volume. FN + F12 locks the Windows keys, which is a serious feature for hardcore gamers.

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